Monday, 5 October 2015

Still Immobile

Day four and we are still on our berth at Burton Waters.  The alternator has not fixed the problem.

We either have a new electrical fault or the alternator is not right.

We are currently waiting for news from the sparky as to when he can come and have a look.


  1. Very frustrating, really hope you get it fixed in the next day or so then at least you will be able to enjoy a few days away...keeping my fingers crossed for you

  2. It's getting a bit frustrating now.

    Liam is on a friends S23 now just double checking all of the wiring is the same.

    We are fairly sure it's right but worth checking anyway.

    At least the fuel bill won't be big this week.

  3. Wired up correctly as we suspected.

    Now tracing wires through the boat to the batteries.