Monday, 19 October 2015

Another Great Weekend

We had yet another great weekend this weekend with friends old and new at West Stockwith. 

We had a great run down river until of course we arrived at the lock to the ringing of our alternator alarm yet again. Up until that point all of the boats had been on their best behaviour for a change.

We enjoyed a lovely meal in the White Hart before heading back to the basin and having a few drinks in the yacht club. A little worse for wear we did all eventually stumble back to the boats.

Sunday morning was a slow and steady start we didn't have to be in the lock until about 10am so I could have a badly needed lie in. Following which we had another nice sprint to Gainsborough before ambling back to Torksey at a little more sedate pace. 

The Fossdyke is still a little weedy in places as you can see in the picture above but it is now starting to die off and it won't be long before it is all gone for the year. We are also on the countdown now as it is only a few short weeks until Naughty-Cal comes out of the water for the winter.

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