Friday, 2 October 2015

Almost Ready

We are almost ready to set off on our final holiday for 2015.

This morning I have been and bought the supplies for the next few days, beer, food and necessities, The car is now loaded with gear ready to dump on the boat when we get to the marina later.

One final job we have to do before we set off this evening is getting the bilge water out of the cabin bilge which is left over from last weekend emergency repair to the water pump. We have brought the wet vac so it won't take more then a few minutes. I hate leaving water in there for no good reason. Having dry bilges for some reason gives me at least, an enormous sense of well being. Sad I know!

So tonight we will set off into the sunset on the epic voyage to Torksey Lock. No doubt we will end up in the White Swan for a couple of beers.Then it is off up the Trent for a week. Unfortunately it looks like we have picked the wrong week a the weather is set to change.

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