Friday, 23 October 2015

Counting Down

We are now on the final countdown to lifting Naughty-Cal out of the water for her annual period ashore. This year as we did last year we plan to have her out for three months or perhaps a little longer to allow us to get jobs done both on the boat and at home.

It is always a sad time as we approach the final few weeks, we have had yet another great year with Cal and visited places old and new. So soon it will be time to repay her for another, almost, trouble free year with a few months of sprucing up and TLC.

We have started gathering bits together for the first of the list of jobs to be done. We know that we will be fitting new oil seals to the drive and replacing the oil. The bellows and anodes were changed last year so will be fine for an other season. The drive was freshly painted last year but might need a touch up so we will get some more paint. And finally for the drive will be a new set of J4 propellors, the new Volvo Penta design prop for the duo prop drive.

The engine bay is due a bit of a tidy up. We are going to get a full rebuild kit for the raw water pump, we fitted new seals but know that the shaft is worn so we will do this before the seals fail again. We also have a new alternator to install, again we plan to do this with the boat out of the water. And finally the turbo is coming off to be refurbished. This is likely to be the most difficult job as it is in a very hard to access location. With a few bits off the engine we are hoping that it will be easier to gain access and clean the bay a bit better.

For the exterior there will be the usual polishing and waxing to the hull and topsides and a fresh coat of antifoul paint to have her looking fresh and clean for the 2016 season ahead. We have many great trips in the pipeline so enjoy your break whilst you can Cal.


  1. Looks as though you are going to be busy!.

    Not sure why you did not fit a new alternator in the first place, saves hours of fiddling about.

    Have fun, good blog

    Leo - Mike Griffin.

  2. At the time that the alternator initially bailed out getting it repaired was supposed to be the quicker option to get us going and away on holiday. In theory we should have been on our way on the Monday with the refurbished one but would have had to wait until Wednesday to get a new one delivered. So we went with the repair which as you know has come back to bite us.

    We now have the new one but won't fit it until the boat is out of the water and we are doing other bits and bobs in the engine bay. No point fitting it now to then remove the raw water pump above it and get it wet!

    Compared to previous years we don't have quite so much work planned on the boat but a lot more planned for at home. But you can never fully plan for what needs to be done until the boat is out and we can fully inspect it.