Saturday, 3 October 2015

That's Not Gone to Plan

Well this isn't Torksey!

It's safe to say things are not going to plan so far this holiday. We arrived at the boat last night to find out the alternator isn't working after its soaking last week.

So we are still on our berth at Burton Waters.

Last night we checked the obvious wires,  connections and of course the belt but to no avail.  So today the alternator is coming off and being taken to a repair shop in Lincoln who can hopefully make it work again. Plan B is a repair shop we know in Sheffield but that would mean waiting until Tuesday to get it back!


  1. Sods law Rachel! Hope you get it fixed soon and enjoy the rest of your holiday. x

  2. It is the first time she has ever let us down. Gutted

    It will get fixed one way or another but we will lose a few days of our holiday :(