Tuesday, 11 November 2014

You've Been Framed, Again

So for the second time this year, that we know of anyway, we have been snapped without our knowing so.

This time it was from the opposite side of the Trent whilst we were moored at High Marnham on Sunday morning. You can tell its Sunday as the sun is shining!

Unfortunately one of the boats had left hence the gap on the moorings but none the less its a lovely photograph which was sent to us by the moorings manager at Burton Waters yesterday afternoon. 

We though that this might be the last E Pontoon outing for 2014 but as with these things they tend to evolve and now we have another outing planned for not this weekend but the next. Not such a distance this time mind its only to the village of Saxilby where a friends band is playing in the Sun Inn on the Saturday evening so we will be there to show our support to Bootleg on the 22nd November.

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