Monday, 3 November 2014

Relaxing with Cheese

As we were in Lincoln on saturday morning we decided it would be rude not to visit the Cheese Society shop on Steep Hill and buy a selection of cheese to enjoy onboard on Sunday evening.

First up was the wonderfully creamy Bleu Des Causses, (, a strong blue cheese which we both adore. Next up was a smoked Cheshire. Not a very strong smoked flavour but a very fresh cheese (

One of the lovely things about this shop is they will let you try as many cheeses as you like before you buy some. I tried the wonderfully named Stinking Bishop which for some reason Liam refused to try. ( Despite its name the smell really wasnt all that bad and it had a lovely mild taste. Not what was expected.

With the shopping completed we had a steady cruise back towards the marina where we called in to pick up some fuel, another 100 litres, before heading along the Fossdyke to meet up with friends whom we have not seen for a long while. We were going to try the Indian again, but eventually decided to head further along the ditch to Torksey where we had yet another fine meal in the White Swan. The slow roast beef in red wine gravy was to die for. So very tender, no need for a knife!

We treated ourselves to a lie in on Sunday, not something we do very often but with no rush to get back to the marina and the rain beating down on the boat there was no rush to get up. When we did eventually peel ourselves out of bed it was gone 10am. We had an easy breakfast of toasted sandwiches before heading back to the marina again and settling in to listen to some music with a couple of beers and that cheese. Yummy.

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