Monday, 17 November 2014

Looking Back at 2014 - Part 1

As 2014 is now officially over for Naughty-Cal I have been having a look back over what has been a fantastic year of cruising for us and our little boat. Perhaps she actually deserves a bit of a break ashore after yet another action packed year.

 January set off the year with E Pontoon go kart racing.

February was a tad stormy but as we had Naughty-Cal ashore it didnt really matter to us.

With Naughty-Cal back in the water we could enjoy our cruising again come March with some cracking evening cruises.

 Easter was our first real cruise of the year and the first of the firsts for the year. A trip up the Old River Witham to The Thywritt Arms.

 During May we made our annual trip to Wells Next The Sea. 

 June brought with it more sunshine and a visit from friends off the Great Ouse. So we had to show them how we have fun.

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