Thursday, 20 November 2014

Forward Planning

So now that Naughty-Cal is out of the water we can start planning our list of jobs to do over the winter months.

As well as the usual maintenance to the stern drive we also have a long, and seemingly growing longer, list of small odd jobs which we seem to have been putting off for a while.

Now not all of these jobs are even expensive but when the boat is in the water and we could be out cruising they just have not been a top priority. Take the 12v sockets for example. At the moment they are all the standard 12v cigarette lighter sockets, most of our gadgets now are USB attachments which has meant we have had top buy some conversion plugs. As there conversion plugs are anything but reliable we are going to finally get around to changing the sockets to USB sockets. Cost just £5 or the single socket and £8 for the socket in the cabin which we will replace for one with a USB socket and a cigarette lighter socket as our 12v TV has that end on the lead. A simple cheap upgrade that will benefit us in the long run.

Other items we plan to fit include some 12v LED lights in the cockpit. Now we already have LED bulbs in the main cockpit light but these are going to be small marker lights which can be left on whilst we are away from the boat. The ones we have ordered also come with a remote control so that we can switch them on as we approach the boat making boarding just that bit safer in the dark.

We plan to declutter the windows and get rid of some of the unnecessary stickers from previous insurers, visitor licences from the Broads and we also plan to fit new licence holders and CRT index numbers in a place where they can actually be read. Whilst on the stickers we are also going to take the decals and names off the transom and replace them with some more modern equivalents. By the time we have done Naughty-Cal will look like a new boat!

Not sure if you can tell but I'm actually rather excited about Naughty-Cal's transformation this winter.

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