Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Gearing Up

As winter creeps ever closer, and boy have we known about it for the last couple of mornings, boats are being tucked up on their berths or ashore for the winter, safe from the elements and incliment weather. 

But not all of them. In fact as autumn has set in and winter approaches it seems that Naughty-Cal's social calender has stepped up a gear in recent weeks. First the E Pontoon curry in Saxilby, then a quiet weekend in Saxilby that turned into a 3am E Pontoon blow out, then there was Wagamama's a couple of weeks ago, the White Swan in Torksey last weekend and this coming weekend E Pontoon are heading to High Marnham on the tidal Trent for a home cooked meal in The Brownlow Arms. 

I thought winter was supposed to be a relaxing time to cruise. So far this year this has proven to be anything but the case for us!

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