Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cleaning Again

It was an evening of cleaning again at home last night. Henry Hoover really has got a lot to answer for!

The house has probably never been so clean in the nearly eight years we have owned it. 

Last night the whole of the downstairs was dusted, vacuumed and fettled, Liam taking on the living, dining room whilst I copped for the kitchen. 

Tonight we will tackle upstairs, changing the bedding, pulling out the beds to vacuum behind and beneath them, dusting and then tackling the bathroom and vacuuming the stairs. One thing we have noticed since owning Henry Hoover is that it obviously captures and holds more of the dust in the bagged system as the house is now far more dust free than it ever was with the previous vacuum cleaners. The place we used to notice this more was the bathroom. After leaving the house shut up for the weekend we would often find the bath and sink had a thin layer of light dust on their surfaces, where as now that is all but gone. A few more months of vacuuming with Henry and it may well disappear altogether.

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