Thursday, 27 November 2014

Just in Time

Thankfully we had taken some notice of the weather forecasts last weekend as we were just in time before the first of the frosts with getting our heaters on board Naughty-Cal. Ordinarily we wouldn't have been overly concerned about the first of the frosts but boats get much colder when ashore without the water around their hulls to insulate them. Luckily for us we were on the ball this year and the heaters will now be keeping Naughty-Cal snug and warm. 

Back at home we have been gathering a few bits and bobs ready to do some small jobs around the boat this weekend. We have a few surprise items but you will have to wait until after the weekend to see these as well as the 12 volt USB sockets and the new cockpit LED lighting. Now we need to decide where all ten of the new lights will be located as Liam will have to drill new holes and feed through the wiring to get to them. This isn't going to be an easy task. I really want some lights shining down from under the bathing platform but this all depends on whether we can gain access to thread the wires through as it is very tight in the engine bay.

The main, and by main I mean the most expensive part we need this year, a new prop shaft from Volvo Penta has been ordered and should be with us in the next week or so, so then with the rest of the service parts for the drive delivered Liam can bring the drive to work and start work replacing the shaft and seals and giving the stern drive a good going over checking that everything is in good working order.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we should start to see some good progress on Naughty-Cal, but for this weekend at least it will be slowly, slowly.

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