Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Today's the Day

Today's the day that Naughty-Cal makes her last journey by water for 2014, the short cruise across the basin in the capable hands of the yard staff as she is hauled out of the water, up the slipway and across the yard to her new home for the winter, nestled on chocks on the hard standing.

We have crammed a lot of cruising into the nine short months that we were afloat this year and it i with heavy hearts that the year has ended in this fashion after a great summer of cruising far and wide. But on the plus side it will give Naughty-Cal a well earned rest and give us the chance to get her looking as good as new ready for next years adventures on the water.

We have already planned lots of jobs we intend to get done over the coming few months, with some important maintenance, polishing and painting but with some extras, upgrades and additions thrown in for good measure as well, but more on that over the coming weeks. Hopefully by the time March 2015 shows its face, Naughty-Cal will be ready to face a news year of fun in the sun.  

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