Friday, 23 June 2017

Work and Pleasure

This weekend will be a mixture of work and pleasure. Starting with the pleasure of course.

Tonight we plan to head into Lincoln for a night out on the town with a few beers and a bite to eat later on. This means that we will be in town in the morning to pick up some shopping from the markets for tomorrow evenings planned BBQ at Torksey. We have friends coming up from West Stockwith to see us so Torksey is the ideal meeting place.

It will be on Sunday that the work takes place. Liam is going to set about scrubbing the dinghy and whilst he is busy with this dirty task I am going to delve into Naughty-Cal's cupboards and clear out anything that we do not need to take to Scotland with us. This in itself is going to be a big job but one which needs doing as we need to shed any extra ounce of weight that we can to make towing just that bit easier.

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