Friday, 30 June 2017

Another Busy Weekend

It was this time last year that our friends got married at the pretty little chapel at Southrey and to celebrate we have a bunch of boaters heading back down to Southrey this weekend as a celebration of the year just past.

This evening we will make it part way down but we have no rush to get all the way. Tomorrow we have a day of celebrations planned which will see us in the Riverside Inn for a hearty meal later in the evening. And then on Sunday morning we will all head to the service in the chapel.

This is where we will have to leave everyone as we have to get back to the marina and get the boat ready to go away next Thursday morning. It shouldn't take us too long but we also have to nip into Lincoln on the way back through to pick up a few last bits and pieces as well. 

We also have a couple of hours free on Wednesday evening if we need to do any very last minute jobs, although we are hoping that these few hours won't be needed as we are rather hoping that we will get chance to have a bite to eat in Harbour Lights before hitting the sack early.

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