Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Forward Thinking

With just three weeks to go before we head north of the border it is time to start some forward thinking and planning for the first few days of the trip.

We know that our first days holiday is going to be a long day of travelling. We are being picked up in the early hours of Thursday morning to start the long drive north before the morning rush hour starts in earnest. 

It will be a good 11 hour slog so at the end of the day we will all be tired. I don't want to be cooking after that so we have decided that our first night will be a night in Inverness and we will find a curry house to welcome us across the border.

We have also decided that after a long day on Thursday we will give ourselves a day shore break to explore Inverness further but also to give us a chance to give Naughty-Cal a good scrub and get her ready for the holiday ahead. It will also give us a chance to get a home shopping delivery sorted out as we will be travelling up light to keep under the 3.5 tonne weight limit.


  1. Hi Rachael, billS from Canalworld here. Just being nosey but how much is it costing you to get the boat up and back to Inverness. Are you using a standard boat trailer or something a bit more heavy duty?

  2. We are going on a standard road trailer towed by a Dodge Ram.

    Price isn't 100% confirmed yet as they depend on return loads but looking at between £450 and £800 each way.

    It won't be a cheap holiday but we have always wanted to do the trip so it is now or never really.