Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Too Wet or Too Windy

The wet and windy weather so far this week has foiled our plans to scrub our new, to us, tonneau cover and get it dried. It is quite a large item so we really need to do the job outside on the driveway. The weather has had other ideas of course.

Even today which is supposed to be dry for the duration will be too windy to do the job in hand.

So we have resigned ourselves to taking the tonneau cover as it is, trying it on this weekend and then bringing it back home again to hopefully get some decent weather in the next few weeks to get it scrubbed, washed and reproofed ready for the long road trip to Inverness.

Hopefully when we try it on this weekend it will actually fit the boat. We are running out of time to get it modified if not!

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