Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Tying Up Loose Ends

With this weekend being our last on the boat before we head off to Scotland we will be tying up a few loose ends before the off. 

Most of the little bits and bobs of jobs have now been completed. We just have the shower room tap heads to replace but we are leaving these until the very last minute. The originals are horrible little plastic jobbies that are really not up to the job. They wear away far too easily which means they never work properly for long. So sensibly we have bought a new pair but will wait until Sunday evening to fit them. They will definitely work all through the holiday then!

Our very last job on Sunday evening will be fitting the tonneau cover ready for road transport on Thursday morning. This will make sleeping on the boat a bit awkward on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening but it will save us a job for the early hours of Thursday morning, which lets be honest we wouldn't be in the mood to do at that point. 

Other than these few loose ends I believe we are there.

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