Thursday, 29 June 2017

This Time Next Week

This time next week we should be just about crossing over the border into Scotland.

We spoke to the chap who is taking us up last night to decide how we are going to tackle the massive drive up there.

We eventually all decided that the best option is to have an early start.

So come 3am next Thursday morning our alarm will be chiming away to wake us up and signal the start of a long day. We hope that by 4am the boat will be strapped down on the trailer and we will be hitting the road.

With a bit of luck, some light traffic and couple of pit stops we are hoping that we will be in Inverness Marina by about 2pm, which will give us plenty of time to get the boat off loaded and back into the water where she belongs, get things sorted out again inside and give her a good scrub before we hit the town later on in the evening for a curry and a few beers.

Exciting times ahead.


  1. I can sense your building excitement, but do not envy that early start one little bit. If I don't feel the urge to comment again before you set off, I wish you Bon Voyage and hope for some reasonable weather for you.

  2. It will be the first time in a long time I have seen that time in the morning!

    Hopefully not something we will repeat too often.

  3. We have been staying in Bona Lighthouse (Inverness end of Loch Ness) for the last week. And not a midge to be seen. Have fun!

  4. Looking forward to following the blog of your trip

  5. No doubt the midges will come out as soon as they see us coming!

    We will try and keep the blog updated with our adventures. But that will be dependent on us finding some internet reception or Wi-Fi. Neither of which is guaranteed out in the sticks.