Thursday, 22 June 2017

Scare Over, For Now

Now what with last weekends little scare hopefully over and done with we can continue with the onward planning of our trip to Scotland in a couple of weeks.

This time in a couple of weeks we should be cruising up the motorway towards Inverness Marina with the aim of getting there before the last lift in at about 4pm. It will make for a long and labourious drive in one day but the sooner it is over and the boat is back where she belongs in the water, the better.

Plans are coming along nicely. We will have a couple of nights in Inverness Marina to give us time to explore the city and also to relax a little before we hit the canal and enter hire boat territory once more. It seems most of our summer holidays entail hire boats in one way, shape or form. This year is will be large cruisers and yachts as well as a good mixture of commercial vessels thrown in for good measure. This year as an added bonus we will also have locks to contend with, with the hire boats. It should all make for an interesting mix!

Our plans for our seven days on the Caledonian are also taking shape. Our first day will be the short hop from Inverness Marina up the Moray Firth to Clachnaharry Sea Lock. Once through the lock we will purchase our very expensive visitors licence, £140 for seven days, more if your are a larger boat! Relieved of some cash we will head the short distance to Seaport Marina where we will spend our first evening ready to hit our first flight of locks the next day.


  1. BillS from CWDF again

    As you are planning a very easy first day, I recommend that you take a run out into the Moray firth first before entering the Sea Lock (tides permitting) there is a very good chance that you will spot the pod of dolphins which tend to hang around in the inner firth between the bridge and Fort George. Once you are through the sea lock and the next one, or tucked up in the marina, you need to report back to me on the Clachnaharry Inn. It used to be one of my favourite pubs in the area. They used to do herring fried in oatmeal which was to die for. I want to know if they still have that on the menu.

  2. Yes we do plan to have a run out just to check all is working as it should after the transport.

    We also have the Clachnaharry Inn as our destination for the evening when we are moored at Seaport. Will let you know if it is still on the menu.