Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Newark Festival - Part 2

Another scorching hot day in Newark.

Busy parkside moorings.

A quick dip to cool down.

A bit hot in the cabin.

Castle moorings from in the castle.

The castle looking lovely in the sunshine.

Heading for home.

Double penning in Cromwell for the deeper drafted boats as there was only 4ft over the middle cill and they needed 4ft to get out!

Out onto the river.

Not a lot of water.

The cows taking a dip.

The first time in nine years that Naughty-Cal has not gotten us home under her own power.

Back on the Fossdyke for the remainder of the tow home.

We are back at the boat this evening to hopefully fix the problem with the stern drive. We believe it is an electrical relay that has overheated and popped which resulted in the leg lifting right to the surface rendering the boat immobile.

Fingers crossed we are right!


  1. Good pics, look forward to the Scottish ones.
    Newark - brings back memories of my boat struggling against the'run off' current coming through Newark bridge in Nov 2005!

  2. If we can't fix the sterndrive tonight there might not be any Scottish pictures!

    Might have to cancel the trailer which we really don't want to have to do:(