Monday, 26 June 2017

Almost Ready

After a lovely evening in Torksey lock cut on Saturday we had a busy day yesterday. We were back through the lock by 9.15am and on our way back to the marina. We had a late breakfast/brunch of gammon and mushroom omelette at 11.30am when we arrived back before setting about our jobs for the day.

Liam's task was scrubbing the dinghy from top to bottom which was no mean feat. The bottom was filthy but with the aid of some magic sponge and some Boat Bottom Cleaner it was after a couple of hours looking as good as new again.

My job whilst Liam was busy scrubbing was to empty out all of the cupboards and remove anything that we didn't need to take to Scotland with us. It is amazing what clutter we manage to collect in such a short space of time. With the cupboards stripped back and three black bags of rubbish and two bags to take home the boat is now much lighter.

After the cupboards were sorted I turned my attention to the anchor locker. The spare fenders were treated to some new fender ropes and fender clips. A now redundant set of spare ropes was removed and everything was generally tidied up a little.

We are to all intents and purposes pretty much ready to go now.

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