Thursday, 30 June 2016


We finally got the Sierra back last night after her clutch of jobs, the last of which was fitting the Scorpion stainless steel exhaust system which we had bought off Ebay.

Now we were a little concerned that the exhaust would look a little silly as it was quite a bit larger diameter then the old original spec one, but we are quite pleased with it in the end, whilst it is larger it doesn't look out of place.

One thing we hadn't expected though was quite how load it would be. We knew it would be louder as it has one less silencer in the system, but jesus it is load when ticking over. There will be no sneaking away for work early in the morning any more!

We did manage to get to the car meet at The Waverley last night which gave us a chance to try out the car at motorway speeds and thankfully it does quieten itself down once cruising at 70mph. However we expect it will get just a tad annoying whilst driving around town.

I'm sure we will probably get used to the noise and eventually drown it out and learn to ignore it, but just now it is loud!

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