Friday, 1 July 2016

A Frock!

Last night was a bit of an oddity for us. We paid a visit to Meadowhall shopping centre. We very rarely visit this monstrosity of a building but last night needs must.

We have a wedding to attend tomorrow and both of us needed to buy something to wear for the big boaty wedding of the year. For me that meant buying a frock, yes, that's right a frock! Highly unusual for me and not something you will see very often, but none the less it had to be done this time.

So now we have the car loaded up with frocks, suits and shoes as well as the usual beer and food required for the weekend. I'm not sure where we will put it all, but we have to dump it onboard tonight after work and set sail into the night to catch up with everyone at Southrey on the river Witham.

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