Tuesday, 28 June 2016

West Stockwith June 2016 - Part 2

West Stockwith

 A storm is brewing.

 Quick run to the pub.

 Sunny morning in the basin.

 Looking across the basin.

 A flurry of activity as a pair of narrowboats are dropped back in.

 Naughty-Cal and her new buddy Sea Dancer.

 The dunny hidden in the gardens.

 Across the basin.

West Stockwith to Burton Waters.

Back on the river. 

 Chasing down Sea Dancer.

 Traffic problems before Gainsborough.

 Through Gainsborough Bridge and back to a steady plod.

 Heading upstream.

 Back on the ditch and past the Torksey moorings.

 A convoy on the ditch.

 Past the farm moorings at Saxilby.

 Busy visitors moorings at Saxilby. Unfortunately a lot of these narrowboats have been here well over the 72 hour mooring time limit now!.

 Back into Burton Waters.

And finally a few beers in the New Harbour Lights restaurant which is really very nice.

46 Miles 4 Locks
Totals for 2016 so far: 463 Miles 20 Locks

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