Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Fleeting Visit

We will be making a fleeting visit to see Naughty-Cal this evening. We have a few bits and bobs that need finishing off at the marina if we are to make our intended trip to West Stockwith this weekend. 

First of all Liam needs to finish changing the belts on a friends boat, the wrong ones arrived last week which was slightly annoying but couldn't be helped. So whilst he is in the engine bay of another boat I am going to make myself busy washing Cal. She is looking a little grubby at the moment. For one reason or another we have not actually gotten around to washing her yet this year!

Hopefully Liam will finish his jobs this evening and then we will be free to set sail straight after work tomorrow evening. If not our tide isn't while lunchtime on Saturday so we have no rush to get going but we would like the weekend free to relax and unwind so aim to get everything finished and Naughty-Cal ready to go this evening.

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