Monday, 20 June 2016

The Recovery

Yesterday was a day for chilling out, resting and general recovery from the previous evenings, well early morning yesterday if we are truthful party in Bolsover. As great as the party was we were all very much worse for wear yesterday.

After a seemingly long drive back from to the boat, (it was really only half an hour but felt much longer!), we had a bite to eat from the Deli on the marina and then headed into Lincoln for a couple of beers and a wander around. In truth I only had a half pint of Coors Light in the two pubs we visited, alcohol wasn't going down well yesterday. After a small walk around town we headed back to the marina and across to Woodcocks for some much needed dinner.

Now fair play to Woodcocks, it was Fathers Day so it was very busy but they managed to squeeze us in even though we hadn't booked, we were served quickly and the food was really very good. I had a roast beef Sunday lunch with all of the trimmings and it was equally as good as many of the more expensive establishments in the area. Well worth the money. We shall be eating here more often this year I think.

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