Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Wrong Vehicle

We had a trip to Nottingham last night after work to pick up a stainless steel exhaust system for the Sierra which Liam had won on Ebay. At times it felt  very much like we had taken the wrong vehicle and that Naughty-Cal would have been more at home on the M1 with torrential rain and standing water across all four lanes of the motorway. To make matters worse we were not in a vehicle familiar to us as we had to borrow an estate car large enough to fit the exhaust sections into. 

Needless to say there were still people driving like idiots and on the way back we drove past the scene of a very recent four car pile up in the outside two lanes of four. We drove past just as the police arrived on the scene, thankfully no one appeared to be hurt as they were all stood in the road hurling abuse at each other! We reckon if we had been another five minutes later the motorway would likely have been shut whilst they recovered the vehicles. A lucky escape on our part.

No doubt all of this excess water is now working its way downstream into the river network so the Trent will be responding and on the rise in the next day or so. It was already a good foot above normal summer level yesterday with a very noticeable increase in flow. The flood gates will be coming on as well no doubt.

Good old British summertime.

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