Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Jumping with Joy

So we are now happy that Naughty-Cal is ready for her trip to the Norfolk Broads and hopefully Southwold in a few short weeks. The run to West Stockwith proved that she is in fine form, pulling quickly and easily onto the plane. The new J4 props have certainly transformed how quickly she jumps up onto the plane and she is certainly getting to her top speed much quicker.

In the next couple of weekends we will start to pull together a few bits and bobs that we will need to make the trip, mainly restocking the food cupboard and ensuring we have a ready supply of beer on board and most importantly making sure that we refill the diesel tank which will be looking a bit on the empty side after this weekends trip and a trip planned for the weekend after. We only have about  quarter of a tank left at the moment as we want to ensure a fresh supply of fuel for the five hour jaunt from Boston to Lowestoft on the 16th July. 

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