Friday, 24 June 2016

All Set

After last night's flurry of activity at the boat we are now ready to head off to West Stockwith this evening.

Naughty-Cal is scrubbed from top to bottom and has a full water tank and fridge full of beer. I might need to pick up a bit of food today mind, we can't survive on beer alone this weekend!

Liam finished servicing a friends boat so can now sit back and relax this weekend.

We are treating this weekend as a final test that Naughty-Cal is ready to head out onto the Norfolk coast in just three weeks time. Hopefully this run should highlight any potential problems that might need sorting out in the next few weeks, well two really, we set off on the 16th July.

After the flurry of activity last night we did eventually manage to site back and relax for an hour with a cold beer sat in the cockpit with the rain hammering on the canvas and occasional flashes of lightning illuminating the sky. After a quick dinner of steamed salmon and stir fried vegetables we decided to turn in early as we had an early start this morning to get back to work.

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