Thursday, 31 January 2019

The Day After Tomorrow

We awoke this morning to a scene from the film the Day After Tomorrow in Sheffield. No snow, (the picture is one from March of last year) but a thick layer of frost and ice had formed on every surface and the thermometer was reading -5 degrees. Chilly to say the least.

Now that the sun has come up it is slowly thawing but the roads and pavements will remain pretty icy today as the temperature is set to struggle to get above freezing.

We can pick the Hyundai up after work today. They have traced the problem to the battery not being at it's best. We suspected it wouldn't be as it was flat when we went to test drive the car so we had to go back a day later when they had jump started it. Now AGM batteries don't like being left to go flat or jump starting so it was never going to be a good combination for it. So Hyundai are going to replace it for us and they are, or they should have already by now, going to install the latest software updates onto the ECU for us. They say that this will make the stop start more effective as well as a number of other small changes to the engine mapping which should make the car a few mpg more efficient. 

We shall see. But we don't hold out any great hope on that last point.

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