Thursday, 10 January 2019

Another Quiet Year

It looks as though Naughty-Cal is set to have another quiet year this year as yesterday we decided to have a change for our summer holiday and booked a lodge in Cornwall in July.

We had been set to have a group trip to Wells next the Sea this summer but as usual the group dwindled to just us. The others deciding that they would head to York instead. We didn't fancy York and we just didn't fancy Wells on our own. It just isn't the same without a group of friends there. So we have opted for some time by the south coast in Boswinger instead.

Now by shear coincidence we have ended up with the same lodge that we had a few years ago on the Seaview International site. Last time we visited this was a pet free lodge but this time around it is a pet friendly property luckily for us. 

It was a very nice three bedroom property with a lovely large open plan lounge, kitchen and dining area, a very handy utility room, large family bathroom and three good sized bedrooms with the huge master bedroom having a lovely dressing area and en-suite shower room. I think this should do us nicely again.

All we have to decide now is which car we will be taking.

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