Friday, 11 January 2019

Seems Strange

It seemed strange this morning to not be rushing around and getting things ready to visit the boat. We almost had a relaxing morning of it.

Well I say almost but we did have to get to Liam's work slightly early this morning so that we could give the Datsun a quick once over and check everything was working in time for its annual MOT next week. It needed just a slight top up of brake fluid and a rear number plate light bulb and it is good to go to the tester early next week. Fingers crossed for yet another pass for the old girl.

It will seem weird heading straight home tonight, well after we have called in at the supermarket on the way home anyway to pick up a few bits and bobs that we need for the weekend and a sneaky pizza for tea tonight. 

Tomorrow we have a busy day with Liam fitting some laminate flooring in the downstairs hallway. This will only be a temporary flooring solution and will at some point soon be covered over with some vinyl flooring which will run through from the kitchen and into the hallway to match. But the now not so cream carpet in the hallway has to go. It was never going to work with a dog. And the laminate flooring will provide a level surface for the vinyl anyway. So not all is lost.

While Liam is tackling this little job me and Sydney are going to nip across to Lincoln to check that the boat is OK chocked up ashore and do a couple of little jobs. The inside of the canopy needs cleaning and the cockpit throws need bringing home for a good wash with the cockpit upholstery having a good wipe down as well.

All being well we should both be finished with our jobs by mid afternoon and then we can head out somewhere with the dog for the rest of the daylight hours.

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