Sunday, 20 January 2019

Day Tripping

We had to test out the new car properly so today we have had a run out to Scarborough and Bridlington. The car is better than we had hoped for and eats up the miles effortlessly. Hopefully we will have many years of happy motoring with this one.

Sydney enjoyed his day out and he likes the extra room in his new car. He was crashed out for the almost two hour drive back.

Now time to head home and prepare dinner for later. Roast chicken and all the trimmings.

Sorry about the lack of photos this weekend but the blogger app is playing up on my phone!


  1. Did you wave at our house in Scarborough? :-)

    NB Oleanna

  2. Not sure!

    Was a very pleasant day. The sea was unbelievably calm.

  3. They are good cars, my Tucson is a really good touring car as was it's predecessor and iX35, we have had some good touring holidays in them. No problems except the Continental tyres on the Tucson wear badly. 2 year service gap good. Have fun. Mike.

  4. It is a good job it is a good cruising car as it has some miles to cover this year. Belgium, Glasgow, Cornwall and Norfolk as well as the usual few hundred miles a week running around for work and travelling to the boat!