Wednesday, 16 January 2019

More New Things

And so last night we eventually finalised all of the paperwork for our new purchase. Our new, to us anyway, car. 

We are not daft enough to buy a brand new car, no way. We don't like throwing money away. But we have bought a three year old Hyundai I30 1.6 CRDi Blue Drive. Doesn't really roll off the tongue that does it?

At just three years old this car has lost two thirds of its price from new! Daft really as the car is still like new other then a tiny scuff on the back bumper and the fuel filler cap being off colour. More haggling power on the price for us as Liam is in the right job for getting that sorted himself of course.

The car still has two years of it's manufacturers warranty remaining which is always a bonus. And the running costs if the manufacturers figures are to be believed are going to be less than the Mini it is replacing, which was exceptionally frugal to start with!

The car is zero rated for road tax and the engine service interval is 20,000 or 24 months whichever comes first so servicing costs and running costs should be minimal.

All being well we pick the car up on Friday after work leaving the Mini with them. Then this weekend after the new front door is fitted and the new door lights it will be time to take it out for a drive. See what it can really do.

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