Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Flying Start

It is turning out to be something of a busy week. Yesterday the roofers were in at home doing some minor repairs to slipped and broken tiles on the main roof and replacing the flashing on the kitchen roof.

Last night we were haggling like hell and brokering a deal on a new, to us anyway it is three years old, car. We did eventually settle on a deal after 90 minutes of bargaining but by this time the dealership was shutting down for the evening so we have left a deposit and are going back tonight to do the paperwork. Hopefully we should be able to pick it up on Friday evening after work if sorting the paperwork goes to plan this evening. But more on that later in the week.

With the roof sorted, the flooring in the hallway sorted, the car almost sorted and the new front door due to be fitted at 9am on Saturday morning we are making a flying start to the list of winter jobs we needed to complete this year at home.

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