Friday, 4 January 2019

Back Again Already

It seemed odd this morning to be packing the car up and heading back to the boat, well after work anyway. It only seems like two minutes ago we were coming back. I have not even caught up with the washing yet!

This weekend will be Naughty-Cal's last in the water for a while. She gets lifted out next month for at least three months. We will see how the work progresses on the boat and at home before we set a relaunch date. It doesn't matter this year if we are not back in the water for Easter as we will be away anyway. So if needs be she can stay out of the water for an extra few weeks this year.

We are not quite sure what we are going to do with this final weekend. We know that we need to fill up with diesel. There is certainly not enough in the tank to keep the diesel heating running for the period that we are ashore. So that needs dealing with. But other then that. Who knows?

Tonight we will have a night in. No point heading out tonight only to come back again. So I have a nice side of lightly oak smoked salmon that I have gotten out of the freezer which I will serve with some noodles and stir fried vegetables for dinner tonight.

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