Thursday, 22 February 2018

Time to Delve In

With spring just around the corner it is time to start thinking about servicing the big green lump of a KAD32 in the engine bay.

This year it is a major service to include all of the belts as well as the usual oil, oil filter, supercharger oil, crankcase filter, clean the K&N air filter, engine fuel filter, fuel tank fuel filter, impellor and change the coolant. We are thinking that while we have the coolant drained we may we change the two thermostats as well.

The major service can be a time consuming job. There are a lot of items to change. The belts themselves take a good hour to change as there are four of them to do in a certain order to a certain torque setting. Get them wrong and they start to slip and cause problems. Get them right and you have nothing to worry about for the next 500 hours or so.

Getting the oil out can be a long and labourious task. All 9.5 litres of the stuff can take a while to pump out, not helped by our oil extractor having an 8 litre capacity! Stopping it mid way through the extraction is annoying to say the least.

With the engine serviced and the drive serviced late last year we hope to have yet another trouble free year of cruising in waters old and new.


  1. When are you planning on doing the service? If I'm not working I'd really like to come over to BW and chat to Liam about the work. I'd like to service the engine on Wavedancer this year and would like to see what's involved

  2. We need to gather together the bits and pieces yet. Will give you a shout when we are ready to do it. Should be before the end of March.