Wednesday, 14 February 2018

It Pays to Check

Our friends who are coming to Amsterdam with us had not yet booked their tickets and did so last night. When they rang us to tell us what price they had got their tickets for, we were gob smacked. They were considerably cheaper then we had paid.

So I logged into our P&O account online and reran our quote and low and behold it was now £119 cheaper than when we had paid several months ago. The website was not so keen on letting us had the refunded amount but a quick phone call to P&O this morning has it all sorted and a little bit extra discount for our troubles. The refund is almost enough to take a second mini cruise later in the year!


  1. Good that you managed to get a refund, but suppose you hadn't known someone just booking? You would never have known, and that is a lot of money. You probably wouldn't have checked, after all bookings for things usually rise closer to the date, don't they?

  2. Apparently not in this case. They get cheaper so that they fill the ship!

    Just checked and the £126 we have received is exactly the same price as a standard cabin with standard tickets on the same ship for two people on the same days that we are going!

    Not an inconsiderable amount!

  3. Do you believe in a free market? Yes when it means I get something cheaper and no when it means that someone else does! I think that you were rather lucky to have got that rebate as many cos would argue that you paid the going rate to be sure of your booking! But that's how free market works.

  4. We were lucky because we paid slightly extra (£5 from memory) for Flexi tickets that could be amended at any time up to 10 days before departure and at no cost. Had we not paid the extra few quid then we wouldn't have been able to get the refund now!

    I now know having spoken to the very helpful lady at P&O this morning that the cabins we have chosen very rarely sell out so they reduce them to fill them towards the sailing date. We will know in future to wait a bit longer!