Friday, 23 February 2018

Land Lovers?

We are having yet another Friday night at home, but don't worry we have not turned into land lovers, we are heading to the boat tomorrow. Liam just has a few jobs to do on the Mini first thing tomorrow morning and then we will head across to Lincoln to check that Naughty-Cal is fine and dandy.

We have an evening out with friends planned in Lincoln. We don't get to see them very often anymore as they have their boat in Spain at the moment having started their trip of a lifetime in July 2016 setting off from Lincoln, heading down to Boston and then down the coast to Lowestoft before heading across to Holland, Belgium, France and now Spain. It is anybodies guess where they will end up next.

The weather seems to have scuppered our plans somewhat as we had planned to head to Lincoln by boat. But it has turned very cold overnight with a sharp frost and much the same planned for tomorrow so we expect the marina will be frozen over. But we can either walk down or catch a bus or taxi.

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