Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Feeling Penned In

We have been determined this winter to put in a few more miles then previous winters on the boat. After all it is the first winter in three or four that we have stayed in the water. Usually at this time of year we are getting ready to go back in, trying to polish and antifoul in the rain, wind and usually snow.

We have managed so far this year to rack up 41 miles, which I suppose considering we have not been down to the boat every weekend is probably not a bad number. But it doesn't feel much. We want to be heading further afield.

The days are definitely getting longer and the nights shorter, but with the Trent locks still on winter opening hours which are not always based around the same tide for each lock it has made getting onto the Trent so far this year not viable. We are starting to get cabin fever penned in on the Fossdyke and Witham. 

We are raring to get off and go exploring but the weather, time and tides have other ideas. Perhaps this is one of the benefits of having the boat out ashore for the winter. When we are dropped back in at the beginning of March then we can hit the ground running so to speak.

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