Friday, 9 February 2018

Beer and Good Food

It looks set to be cold again tonight so we have decided that we will spend the evening on our home mooring with a few quiet beers and a film followed by a bit of tea later for which I have brought some salmon and some vegetables to stir fry to accompany it. A very civilized evening in the making.

Tomorrow morning we will drive into Lincoln by car for a change as we have a few things to do in town. Before we come back and head down to Saxilby by boat for a curry and beer evening with friends. It looks set to be a bit wet and breezy tomorrow and on Sunday but the wind is forecast to be blowing in the right direction to get back onto our mooring in the marina so we will be fine.


  1. yeah the forecast has put the kybosh on our planned sojourn tomorrow with friends... we HAD been going up stream for dinner and drinks at the Navigation but the flood gates are now closed so it looks like the Stanley Ferry for supper instead.

  2. Looks like the calm before the storm right now. Not a breathe of wind and the water is glassy still. Temperature is dropping so guess we will have some ice to contend with tomorrow.