Monday, 5 February 2018

The Quiet After the Busy

We had a lovely quiet day in yesterday. A nice quiet end to what has been a busy weekend.

We had no rush to get back to the marina so we had a couple of cups of coffee before heading to Saxilby for breakfast. Here I rustled up some reduced fat sausages, black pudding, poached eggs, shitake mushrooms, hash browns and cherry tomatoes. Just the ticket for a cold wintery morning.

With the sun finally peeking out from behind the clouds we headed back to the marina to sort out the dinghy. Now that we have new neighbours it doesn't fit between the two boats so we have had to clean it out and put it in front of our boat which makes getting in and out a bit interesting. The little Honda was a bit reluctant to start at first. When we drained the carb it was easy to see why. It won't run on water!

With the dinghy looking a bit more respectable again we finished off the evening watching a bit of TV and finally settling down to a slow cooked chicken and vegetables. 

It looks set to be a cold week this week so we made sure all the heaters were working and we have plenty of electricity on the bollard to keep them running.

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