Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How It All Started

We were looking back through a series of photos at home when we came across some pictures of our first boating holiday together some 16 years ago now. It is amazing looking back now that we even took to boating at all with the boat that we took our first holiday on board.

It was a little tricky to say the least and really very small. Despite being only a tad shorter then Naughty-Cal the shaft drive propulsion meant that there was a lot of space taken up by the engine, gearbox and prop shaft that is used for accomodation space on our boat.

There was no permanent double berth, the bed was the bow saloon seating. In the end we left this made up and sat out in the cockpit to lounge around and eat. Far from ideal at Easter time. The shower room was cosy to say the least and the kitchen was not all that well thought out. But by far the worst feature of this vessel was the access to the bow which was through the windscreen and down a rather steep bow feeling very exposed to the elements. It didn't feel safe at all.

But somehow despite all of this we fell in love with being on the water. This week away on a less then ideal craft firmly cemented the idea that we would one day have our own boat. Several years of hiring more suitable boats followed before we eventually did of course. But here is where it all began with the Barnes Brinkcraft Breakaway.

Breakaway No.1. The boat we hired.

The cost interior. Just big enough for two!

The spacious cockpit with the third sink above the fridge. That's right sink number three on such a small boat!

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