Monday, 8 February 2016

Sealed It

Ever since buying Naughty-Cal way back in 2008 we have had a slight leak from the port side of the windscreen. During and for a few days after heavy rain we would get a slow but steady drip from the bottom of the glass that would then run down to sit on the cockpit shelf above the fridge. Now when we had the old plastic shelf this was not such a problem but since replacing the shelf with the new teak version it had become more of an annoyance, especially as the leak seemed to be getting worse.

So yesterday Liam decided it was the day to try and fix the problem, amongst other things. So he dug out the old sealant, had a poke about in the drainage hole, got soaked blowing any remaining water out from under the windscreen and then resealed the whole thing to hopefully provide a watertight joint.

Well so far so good, we had some very heavy rain overnight and this morning the cockpit shelf was still dry. So it would appear to be working. 

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