Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Seeing Green

A can of Volvo Penta green paint arrived yesterday for Liam to busy himself with. 

The raw water pump that he has rebuilt was starting to look a little scabby, it has been on and off the engine a few times in the last 13 years so it was ready for a new coat of paint.

The new alternator is also silver rather then the requisite Volvo Penta green so that will also be sprayed up to match the rest of the engine. Then there are a few odd nuts and bolts on the engine that are ready for touching up where the paint has chipped due to being undone a few times. 

By the time Liam has done Naughty-Cal's engine will look as good as when it was new. As well as a few paint touch up's it is also going to be treated to a full clean and fettle the next time we are at the boat along with the rest of the engine bay. 

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