Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ready and Waiting

After a really long, hard slog at the weekend Naughty-Cal is now ready and waiting for her relaunch date in March. We have decided that although she is ready to go we will have one last push at home in the coming couple of weekends to try and make some more meaningful progress on the hallway which seems to have ground to a halt in the last couple of weeks.

Cal is pretty much ready to face the year ahead. As we have a trip planned for the first weekend that she is in the water we took another 60 litres of diesel to ensure that we will have more than enough on board for the trip out onto the tidal Trent to High Marnham. This trip should really highlight if everything is fine and dandy after a long winter lay up.

As usual I have the Friday off work to watch Cal get dunked back in the drink and as usual it will be up to me to spend the day scrubbing and cleaning and generally getting her ready for the weekends action ahead.

But first there is the not so small task of this hallway to contend with.

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