Friday, 5 February 2016

A Busy Man

Liam has been a busy man this week getting things ready to be fitted back on the boat this weekend. During his lunch hours and before and after work he has been busying himself with a whole raft of small jobs.

One of the jobs he has completed is overhauling the raw water pump. This sprang a leak again towards the back end of last year so it was time for a major refurbishment this winter instead of just a temporary repair of new seals. 

This week the pump has been treated to a new shaft, new bearings, new seals, new drive unit, all new o rings, a new impellor and a new teflon plate to the Speed Seal as well as being sanded down, primed and given a fresh coat of paint.

The pump should now be as good as new.

 The pump body with a fresh coat of paint.

 And the Speed Seal plate freshly polished.

The pump fully built up and ready to refit to the engine tomorrow with the new alternator also ready and waiting.

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