Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Into the Future

Now that we have Naughty-Cal ready for the season ahead we can turn our attention to looking ahead to some of our future cruises, not just for this year but also for the following summer in 2017.

We have plenty in the planning for 2016, but 2017 promises to be a massive adventure for both us and Cal in waters new to us all in Scotland.

Part of the fun in planning these trips is discovering new and exciting places to visit and stay, like the stunningly beautiful Holly Tree Hotel in Kentallen, pictured above. This just has to be on our list of places to spend an evening, with the boat peacefully swinging around her buoy mooring in the bay as we look out across the loch eat dinner in the well regarded restaurant. 

This is just one of many little gems we are uncovering as we investigate further our options for our seven days on the west coast of Scotland following our seven days on the Caledonian Canal. 

It looks unlikely that we will travel far on the coast, we don't want to set extensive cruising targets as we know that the weather and sea conditions will usually try their upmost to thwart your efforts if you set ambitious targets. Instead we will steadily meander from bay to cove before arriving at our rendeavous point with the trailer in Oban.


  1. Scotland is brill, Caledonian canal impressive, Loch Ness has some good waves! - we only drove round it though.

    Only downside though are the midges.

    CWDF has got very boring - I checked to-day only about 50% concerned boating matters - Dunkers as nit picking as ever.

    Have fum

    Mike Griffin.

  2. We fell in love with the few sections of coastline we saw when we visited Liams mum last year, decided there and then that we had to visit with Cal.

    The Caledonian is just the start of the adventure.

  3. I hear on the grapevine that Dunkley is now nit picking about CRT and their tax affairs.

    Quite ironic considering he thinks he doesn't need to pay them anything to keep his boat on Waters under their care!