Friday, 11 December 2015

Up The Wooden Hill

It has been a broken week DIY wise at home, on Monday evening we were working on the car, on Tuesday evening we were bust dropping of Christmas gifts, Wednesday we were shopping and wrapping more Christmas gifts but yesterday evening we did crack on and get a bit more done, some progress made at last this week.

The wood paneling has now started its ascent up the wooden hill, with as you can probably see many angles to contend with. Pretty much every board is set at a different angle and is a different length so far. The ascent up the stairs could well take some time, but we can now see some progress being made.

The walls at the bottom of the landing are now prepped and ready for some minor filling and sanding in places and then we can start painting the paneling in the downstairs areas at least, then it will be ready for some wall paper. 

I'm sure it will all come together at some point, but at the moment it is like living in  building site and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. The Christmas deadline we had initially set for the hallway to be finished looks way off target, it could well be Easter before it is finished at this rate!

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